I’m inspired by

Hi, I'm Megan.

(My friends call me Meg) 

I wholeheartedly believe

that marriage and family are the most sacred relationships we get to care for in this life. I am incredibly inspired by people, how they relate and show affection, and the little wonders that awake our inner child. Having been a bride and now a mom, I feel a deep understanding and inspiration when I’m met with those cherished, recognizable moments I see in your life.


Mostly you inspire me - I believe people are poetry and forever an inspiration

Photography comes alive for me in those moments of raw emotion, little details, and human connection.

I want to create moments that take you by surprise - memories that you look back on and see your beauty and the beauty you bring to this world. If you’re looking to invest in photos that capture the wonder and simple elegance of the mundane, the moments in-between - along with a few posed portraits - I’m your gal. If you’re shopping around for an affordable way to update your mantle portrait or looking for traditional posed portraits, we may not be the best fit. Each session unfolds so uniquely and it’s my privilege to capture the intricacies of your story accurately, and to artfully provide you with memorable photos that tell your story. 

It takes a lot of trust to put your story and your cherished moments in the hands of another and I don’t receive that lightly. I ask that, on picture day, you show up with ALL of you. Trust me with the little imperfections, like windblown hair, dirt spots that arrive from moving locations, lighting, and weather. Often these imperfections become some of the sweetest pictures in the gallery. I’m excited to create a meaningful time together, get to know you, build a friendship, and create an experience that you get to look back at for many years to come. Thank you for trusting me with your story. 

What to Expect

I photograph a mixture of candid, raw, simple moments along with your posed portraits and details. I create space for you to be present, take time, and enjoy. I walk alongside you as you plan and dream. I love knowing your inspirations and little things that you’re really excited about or looking forward to. If you’re in need of any insight, whether it’s outfits, details, location, etc. I’m available to you through it all. I will arrive at your home, session, or wedding day fully prepared and with inspiration for our time together. You may feel nervous or uncomfortable in front of the camera and I want you to hear that you’re not alone in that. It’s something I care about and work with all the time! I give you simple, thoughtful prompts to evoke authentic and natural emotions.